At Wellprint, we craft solutions that fuel the printing industry's success. With a legacy of innovation and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we have established ourselves as leaders in the field, setting new standards for quality, reliability, and performance.

Formerly known as Bombay Wellprint Inks, Dr. Ravindra Gandhi started the company in 1993 in Central India. With a belief that innovation has no bounds, Dr. Gandhi dared to dream big with just a spark of creativity and a will to excel. He had a vision to revolutionize the ink industry and nothing could stand in his way. Wellprint began its journey starting from scratch with meager resources. But fueled by a passion for excellence, the company quickly gained momentum, overcoming obstacles and now proudly stands as the largest Indian Ink manufacturer.

With an experience of 25 years in the printing industry, Wellprint has accumulated good knowledge. The company always keep itself updated with state-of-the-art technology and new developments in the industry. The reputation that Wellprint has earned in these years of a reliable manufacturer has helped us do business with reputed printing houses across India as well as outside India.

We strive to maintain consistent production quality to satisfy the high printing standards and our customer's demand. Research and Innovation in the field of manufacturing machines and processes has always been our strength.Developed and engineered in-house.

Director's Say

Excellence is not just a goal but a continuous journey, and the same is true for Wellprint. Our story began as a family-run business, driven by a commitment to trust, quality, and innovation.

Every day, Wellprint makes an impact on the lives of 20 million people worldwide. This incredible reach is a source of immense pride and motivation for us. It drives us to continually push the boundaries of what is possible in the ink manufacturing industry.

What sets us apart is our deep understanding of customer requirements. To ensure inks of consistent quality, we engage in comprehensive product development, production, sales, technical support, and other operations to meet the diverse needs of the market.

Dr. Ravindra Gandhi
Managing Director - Wellprint
M.B.B.S., M.D. (Medicine)

Vision, Mission & Core Values

Vision - To become the leading supplier of inks and other print consumables of the world market.

Mission - To serve our customer with products and service of superior quality.

Core Values

  • Trust - We believe that successful businesses are based on the foundation of trust. We have confidence in our people and earn customers’ trust by giving great service
  • Ownership - We own our responsibilities and our actions. We as an organization have an obligation to serve our customers in the best way possible.
  • Integrity - We always aim to do the right thing. We believe in honesty within the company as well as with our customers.
  • Problem Solving - We believe in constant problem solving within our company as well as for our customers, in an efficient manner.

Technology And Infrastructure

Wellprint firmly believes in a state-of-the-art centralized production facility, designed for achieving optimum manufacturing efficiencies with minimal manual material handling. By using latest software controlled unique ink production plants at Wellprint, we strive to maintain consistency in quality of production to satisfy the highest worldwide standards of printing prevailing at our valued customers. Research and Innovation in the field of manufacturing machines and processes has always been our way of life and strength. Developed and designed in-house, our innovative ink production lines provides us with a competitive edge worldwide.

Research & Technology Center

State of Art, Research and Technology   Centre

Modern equipped space for analysis   and research and development.

Well equipped quality assurance  laboratory for testing of finished products   and raw materials.

Constant strive for innovation and improvisation i.e. technique and  production process.

In - House Logistics

A fleet of 20+ GPS-enabled, with a  capacity ranging from 8 MT to 12 MT per  truck, capable of providing service all  over India

Efficient and robust supply chain  management systems

Well equipped Emergency Support  Team who guarantees 48-hour delivery  at any location in the country

Tankers and trucks specially deputed for  raw material sourcing

State - of - Art Plant & Machinery

Highly sophisticated PLC and SCADA  enabled plant, equipped with Twin Shaft  and High Speed Mixers specially  designed in-house for uniform blending  of key ingredients.

Temperature controlled, dust-free  grinding and operations area with proper  ‘No Dust Zone’.

Automatic packing stations and systems  for fast and accurate weighing.

A built in five step filtration system from  mixing to packaging stage to ensure the  inks are free from any foreign particle.